Holidays and Tours Around Asia
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You probably remember Adult Onesies made for adults. They were all the rage back in the mid 1970s but as time passed, the craze faded away. But now they are back and more popular than ever! Today's adult footed pajamas are flying off shelves everywhere and they are being offered in a wide variety of sizes and styles to appeal to all ages.

These throw-back PJ's are now being made from fleece and soft cotton. Some come with hoods and drop seats and others feature college designs with front shoulder pockets perfect for smartphones and personal audio players. Regardless if you want to return to your childhood or just sleep somewhere where it is very cold, the footsie pajamas offer you a level of comfort no other pajamas can and they are once again taking the world by storm.

While many people consider footed pajamas just for kids, the fact is that kids from six to sixty enjoy wearing these incredibly comfortable PJ's. Footed pajamas are by far the coziest and warmest pajamas available today so consider buying a pair so you too can warm up and save on your heating bill while having fun. There really is nothing that can compare to slipping into a pair of soft, warm fleece pajamas with feet on a cold winter evening.

Many families today are buying matching footie pajamas for the entire clan. Some skeptics out there may call this corny but most people simply say that it is quaint. There are even footed baby pajamas available so the even the youngest member of your family will not feel left out! There is no need to buy everyone slippers and who needs a bathrobe when everyone has footed pajamas? Because the foot of the pajamas is attached to the leg, warm air stays inside and cold air cannot get in which means you will stay nice and warm no matter how chilly your home may be.

Today's footed pajamas feature skid-resistant soles on the bottoms. This makes this type of pajamas perfect for wearing on hardwood or linoleum floors. The soles of these PJ's also protect your feet from scrapes and cuts which are quite easy to get when you walk around barefooted at home.

Join the latest pajama fad and get in on the fun! Why not pick up a pair of footed PJ's for everyone in the family so that you all can benefit from the most comfortable pajamas on earth?!

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Vancouver The Beautiful City Between the Sea and the Mountains

On your trip to Vancouver as you start flying down the Canadian’s City Airport runaway, you will be greeted by scenic natural scenery with mountains on one side and the sea lying beautifully on the other side. More emphasize as to what you should expect in the city of Vancouver is felt in the baggage claim area, as you will be greeted with large beautiful Pacific Northwest Coast Indian art carvings. Needless to mention, it will augment your overall taste of nature and create an ambience that distinguishes Vancouver from the rest of the cities in Canada.

As you drive from the airport along the Granville Street, you will notice that the hedges and trees surrounding the residential areas are taller and larger than trees anywhere else in the world. Myth has it that the oversized trees are due to the huge amount of rainfall experienced in Vancouver, but what would you expect of a city sandwiched between mountains and the ocean? The best time to visit Vancouver for a true holiday experience is during the summer months, most preferably the month of September when the sun is known to sooth and calm the skin against a scenic backdrop of mountains and calming ocean.

One of the top tourist attractions in Vancouver, which happens to be strategically located, is the Stanley Park, found on the west side of downtown Vancouver. While at the park, you get to see Vancouver’s Aquarium, beautiful tall trees that seem to touch the skies and you will also get to marvel at a splendid collection of Pacific Northwest Coastal Indian art totem poles. The Stanley Park is connected to North Vancouver with the Lion’s Gate Suspension Bridge on the other side of the port. The Grouse Mountain, the closest ski resort to Vancouver, is another great tourist attraction that can be visited all year round.

If you happen to be in Vancouver over non winter months, ensure you visit the Grouse Mountain for a memorable hiking experience and have an aerial view of the beautiful skyline that delineates Vancouver. Just nearby, there is the Capilano Suspension Bridge that you must visit. It will allow you to take a relaxing nature walk as you enjoy the calming and soothing winds of Vancouver.

Only in Vancouver do you get to sample mouthwatering delicacies, top among them the salmon. While most restaurants have specialized in making a unique salmon meal, the Salmon House that is adjacent to West Vancouver has an unrivaled delicacy of the same. The restaurant is located to give you an impressive view of the night as you unwind and relax while exercising your taste buds.

A trip to Vancouver will not be complete without bringing back home some collectibles and souvenirs, and thanks to the Gastown, Granville Island and Yaletown Districts, you get an opportunity to find great boutique shopping bargains for just about anything. Having the largest Asian community in North America, Vancouver has a shopping district known as Chinatown just near the other shopping districts, and gives you an opportunity to feel as if you visited Hong Kong.

If time is on your side, you can always take a day trip to Whistler. This is one of the most popular and largest ski resorts in North America, located circa two and a half hours drive away from the city. The drive along the Sea & Ski Highway gives you very beautiful points. Being an all season resort, Whistler has numerous activities for you to enjoy such as biking, hiking, festivities, of course and great shopping opportunities in the village. As you ride up the Gondola, you will have a very strategic aerial view of the grand Canadian Rockies mountain range. Travel blogs are fun to read.

Vancouver is city worth a visit, if not for any other reason, to see how a major busy city has so much beautiful attractions and a warm and irresistible surrounding. If you happen to land in Vancouver on transit to Alaska or Hawaii, why not spare a day or two to see what this city sandwiched between the sea and mountain have in store for you.
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Located to the North of the Alps and along the banks of the Salzach River, Salzburg, Austria, is a city that lies around three hundred kilometres from Vienna and boasts everything from charm and culture to history and beauty. You will find Salzburg just one hundred and fifty kilometres to the east of Munich, so the city enjoys a convenient location between major areas and amidst breathtaking beauty and landscapes. From rolling mountain scenery to fabulous architecture towards the inner city, there is plenty to explore and take in when you visit this destination. Admire the fabulous architecture of the baroque towers and churches that adorn the city, admire the cathedral, and visit the many historical points of significance nearby such as Eagle’s Nest, which was Hitler’s retreat. Getting around is easy and you can enjoy efficient train services to places such as Munich and Vienna as well as easy access around the city. This makes sightseeing and travel around the city convenient and simple for visitors.

Enjoy one of the most fascinating cities in Europe when you visit Salzburg, Austria

For many, Salzburg is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe thanks to its rich history, diverse culture, beautiful surroundings, and interesting architecture. The city enjoys a number of claims to fame, from once being home to the famous composer Mozart to being the location of the world famous blockbuster movie ‘The Sound of Music’. With this type of background, visitors can enjoy even more in terms of entertainment and activities. Pay a visit to the house and residence of Mozart, and see the many monuments erected in memory of this famous son of Salzburg. The excellent location of this city also makes it ideal for a range of outdoor recreational activities, which means that you can visit Salzburg at any time of the year and still find plenty to keep you busy. You can enjoy activities such as skiing, which in the winter months swells the number of people coming through the airport. You can enjoy a range of other outdoor activities throughout the year, from biking and sightseeing to picnicking.

A vacation to Salzburg, Austria is one you will remember for many years to come

The unique character and charm coupled with the vibrant atmosphere and diverse culture that you will find in this city means that you will enjoy a truly memorable and unique vacation. A range of festivities and events take place in Salzburg throughout the year, and these can help add to your appreciation of the city and your overall experience, enabling you to sample the local lifestyle and culture as well as have some fun and excitement. Some of the events and festivities you can look forward to, depending on the time of year you visit, include the famous Salzburg Festival and the Easter Festival. You will find a great choice of shops and eateries here too, so you can enjoy a little retails therapy and everything from a light snack to a full meal. With accommodation available throughout the city, finding lodgings ranging from friendly bed & breakfasts to big name hotels will also prove easy and convenient.

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Gap Year Travel Guide to Asia

Swim in pure blues oceans, climb enormous mountains, immerse yourself in tradition; take your gap year in Asia.

Like its people, Asia is warm and accessible. Years of experience in welcoming tourists have made Asia the perfect host, and like all good hosts, it offers something for every taste. Whatever you�re looking for on your gap year there�s a good chance you�ll find it in Asia; from whitest of white knuckle rides to some of the best volunteer projects in the world.

Asia is built for gappers; the serene beauty provides a soothing backdrop to a career escaping break while the rugged mountains and million mile an hour cities offer the perfect slice of adventure for those full of youthful energy. So rip off your ties, clear the in tray and discover Asia on your gap year. Keep reading for advice on the how, why and where of gap year travel in Asia and start planning your own trip. We�ve invented our Gapometer to mark Asia on key gap year criteria.

***** Gaptastic
**** Great for gappers
*** Worth a look
** Too much else to see
* Never mind the Gap

Volunteer abroad

Asia is a land of extremes; in an age of the mass media the beauty of this place somehow continues to surprise, yet too much of the continent continues to experience severe depravation. According to the Asian Development Bank, Asia�s poor account for two thirds of the total in the developing world and a huge number of volunteer projects have sprung up to help ease the problem.

You can take your pick of projects in areas like community work and teaching or maybe even link one with a conservation project or two. Asia should be as famous for its wildlife as its landscapes; animals like pandas, elephants, tigers and sea turtles all await you here and offer a great chance to make a difference. The WWF has listed 6 places in Asia amongst their list of 19 priority places , leaving no one in any doubt as to the area�s significance. Given the number to choose from, why not combine more than one.

***** The perfect place to use your gap year for good

Travelling around

We know that with a year on your hands you�ll want to spread your wings and really explore a place and in Asia that�s both easy and rewarding. There are now easier ways to get around Asia than the famous overland expeditions of the 70s (though if you�ve got a camper van spare we�ll give it a go). Travelling varies from country to country so make sure you plan thoroughly. Most countries, like China and India, offer extensive rail and road links and South East Asia, with the exception of Myanmar, is probably the easiest and cheapest place to explore in the world. Don�t forget to bring a good book for the journey though!

**** Plenty to see and no reason not to explore


Money is a big consideration when you�re planning to spend a year away from home, so the cost of getting to and living in a place is all important. There are big differences between countries here; the more expensive countries to explore in Asia are Japan, Taiwan and because of its size, China. If you want to visit these countries perhaps consider earning money by teaching English while you�re away. The affordable countries include Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Sri Lanka while cheap countries such as Thailand, Nepal, India, The Philippines and Indonesia offer truly budget travel.

Living costs are a large part of your budget so plan carefully. While you�re on a volunteer placement this will normally be sorted out for you but when you�re travelling independently remember that budget hostels doesn�t mean rubbish hostels. In fact they can often be the most fun! The same is true about food; the best food in Asia is found on the street and it�s incredibly cheap. Some of the best meals of my time in Asia cost less than 50p! The great thing about Asia is that you don�t need to pay for your entertainment because it�s all around you!

***** Plenty of bargains to be found

Earning money

Earning while you�re away is essential for many people. If that�s you then Asia is a good place to choose for your Gap year travelling. The continent has the biggest demand for English teachers and there are placements all over the place in some of the world�s most exciting locations. Getting qualified could be the best money saving investment you make. For a relatively small price you can get qualified in double quick time and at least have it as a safety net in case you spend a little too much souvenir shopping! You�ll get access to TEFL contacts all over the continent and can easily include a little teaching in your itinerary.

***** There is nowhere better to earn money while travelling

The wow factor

Asia has the wow factor in bucket loads. It�s the most popular destination for westerners and millions of people can�t be wrong. The diversity of the continent offers the perfect backdrop to a gap year with enough diversity to keep you entertained at just the right price to keep you solvent! The old favorite still has plenty to offer a new generation of travellers.

***** Everyone should go at least once. It�s the law
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Holiday packages in Asia.

Some more of my travel blogs if you like them, please read them. Thanks

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